Wow, Wow, WOW… We have used Anna’s Home Styling on numerous occasions for our property renovation projects and can’t praise her enough. Anna is incredibly enthusiastic and passionate about everything she does and goes over and above transforming our properties into beautiful show homes. Anna’s has incredible vision and ideas that seem to transform what is already a newly constructed high quality family home into an amazing show home. Our customers are always blown away by the high quality fixtures and fittings Anna uses and the attention to detail. She is simply a perfectionist. The people who view our properties always praise and love her work, so much so that it has helped sell our properties within days of them being marketed. We will not hesitate to continue using Anna’s Home Styling services for the properties we build and renovate because we know she will create the theme that inspires people to fall in love with and buy our properties. Thank you Anna. On to the next project … ! Roy and Lynsey / Tidy Ventures



Having recently engaged the services of Anna Home Styling, I am pleased to share the extraordinary experience we've had. From the onset, it was evident that Anna approaches her work with a genuine passion. Her attention to detail transformed our view on different rooms in the house and understanding of a lasting impression each of them can leave on potential buyers.

What sets Anna Home Styling apart is not just her skill but her empathetic understanding of the emotional journey of selling a home. She’s been exceptionally helpful, considering every aspect of our visions while actively seeking cost-saving options. Anna was able to pinpoint a solution that was a compromise between two completely opposite approaches that me and my husband initially had in mind. Her friendly and bubbly nature made the collaboration enjoyable. She has shared knowledge of the local market and best practices. While advising and showing different options, Anna has always left the final decision up to us.

In conclusion, Anna Home Styling is more than a service provider. They are a dedicated partner in the journey toward achieving the perfect home staging. Their passion, attention to detail, understanding, and friendly approach have exceeded our expectations, making them an invaluable asset to anyone seeking to sell their home successfully.

Sylvia M



Anna and her husband Martin went over and above to help us stage our property. They were really friendly, flexible and easy to work with. They did an amazing job and completely transformed the look of our house. Our property was on the market for over 18 months, within 2 weeks of staging we had offers and had completed the sale 3 months later. They are really good value, I would highly recommend them.

Sally Peddar



Anna is the absolute kindest person ever, she supported me and helped me and went above and beyond. Would definitely give 10/10 for service. thank you anne.

kerislouise1 Hopkins



It was a pleasure to work with Anna on a recent project, she is so enthusiastic about her work it builds confidence instantly.

All of the furniture, decorative items etc.. are top quality and give a classy finish.

I couldn't be happier with the outcome and will be collaborating together very soon on the next project. Thanks again.

Nick Jones



If anyone is looking for home staging I HIGHLY recommend Anna, just look at her work, you honestly won't regret it! Anna and her husband put so much time and effort into their work and the results really show that. They both are very efficient, great prices and have a great range of ides on how to style your home. Apart from the amazing work they both do, they are also so so kind and friendly, a real burst of energy!

Steph Robbins



Anna did an amazing job staging a house for me recently, the quality of finish was at a high standard and the potential buyers viewing the house were blown away. The house had offers straight away so I highly recommend Anna home styling, the service provided was efficient, friendly and professional, thank you so much Anna.

Sean Joseph



Anna and her husband did a great job of staging the house for us. She is very energetic and enthusiastic. works at whirlwind speed so does not waste any time. Would highly recommend them to anyone.

Zarin Rasul



Anna helped me stage my property when I was trying to sell it and did a fantastic job. The place looked amazing and subsequently sold! They were very accommodating with arranging everything and collecting decorations once the property was sold. CANNOT RECOMMEND ENOUGH.

Sam Mitchell



Anna is lovely and thoroughly professional. She helped us out at short notice and was a pleasure to work with!

Shayoni Lynn



Amazing!!! Just look at the designs. Great service and real care. Rare to find people that care about what they do as much as Anna and her husband Martin.

James Rees



Anna Home Styling We engaged the services of Anna Home styling to stage our 1930’s semi. We had lived in the house for approximately 20 years and had become so familiar with the appearance of the interior, that it was difficult to look at it objectively and see where improvements could be made. We needed someone with a fresh eye to advise us on de-cluttering and setting our rooms out to best effect. Our only stipulation was that we didn’t particularly want to replace large items of furniture. We were happy for furniture and decorative items to be moved around and re-deployed and we recognised that fairly major de-cluttering would be beneficial (it’s amazing how much ‘stuff’ you can amass in 20 years!). Anna’s team only had one stipulation and that was that we leave them to work on each room until we were invited in to see the finished effect. We agreed. Anna spent time speaking with us and questioning us about what our expectations were and what we wanted to achieve, they then got down to work. It’s quite unnerving having other people re-arranging your house, particularly when you can’t see what they are doing, but we needn’t have worried. As we were invited in to see the results of their hard work, we were amazed at what they had achieved. Each room looked more spacious, more elegant and more inviting, whilst retaining the feel of our home. Furniture that had been moved or augmented with a throw or cushion looked fresh and new and decorative items which had been deployed more sparsely had far greater impact. We were very pleased with the outcome and would recommend Anna’s Home styling whole heartedly.

C Williams Cardiff




My wardrobe looks wonderful! Anna helped me to sort through my clothes, shoes and accessories in a practical and supportive manner. I was able to give away loads of stuff that I really don't need or use any more. She then suggested more efficient and stylish ways to store my things in the wardrobe and drawers. It was enjoyable and liberating! Thank you Anna for a job well done.





Excellent service. Friendly and professional advice. My house looks a heck of a lot better now that I've seen Anna Home Styling.





"Anna brings a touch of sparkle to everything she touches"

T.B Lisvane